Some says that life begins when solitude is dead,…That is when one is not alone .when you have someone with you ,you can feel that you are living ,not just surviving .When life begins families are born. For families there is a crazy thing that connects one each other , that bond is nothing but LOVE . The invisible thing that we can’t see by eyes but felt by heart .

My life began since I got separated from my mother’s body. I cried that day not because of the outside noise, but because I always wanted to stay with her as a part of her.

In general the bond that stays stronger in a family is that with a mother and child .

Here’s a story narrated by a son;

“I have never loved my mom, I always hated her . the reason was nothing ,but she had only one eye. She looks totally weird as much to make me insult in front of my friends. I wished that If she could be stay out of the world forever. Whenever I teased her by calling of her one eye, she have never responded in any way. She took care of me by running a small shop with half poverty.

I decided to become higher without depending her, to get rid of that one-eyed ugly form. I worked harder , I got highest marks from the university, I got a family and I enjoyed my life very much with them.

One day the old lady with one eye came to me. By pretending that I didn’t recognised her , I ordered her to get out ….. she went out.

Next day I got an invitation of reunion from my old school , and I went there. On the way back, I went to see my old dirty house. Entering there I saw my mother’s body. She was holding a paper, I took and read it .

It was written as ;

Son I lived more than enough. I will never disturb by visiting you anymore. I will not match to your status and prestige. When you were small you lost one of your eye by an accident . My heart was broken to see you in that weird look . So that I gave one of my eye to you. I was happy to see you so beautiful with both eyes.


                                                                                                                                                Your mother       “

Only this ultimate sacrifice is necessary to prove mothers love .The only one person that will not expect anything back rather than giving is MOTHER. They can’t stop loving their child even if they tries to kill her or do anything worst.

Because they have waited for ten months which seems like ten years of waiting…and let you out of the world bearing the most hardest physical pain in the world…

Finding happiness by each step that you put……Being proud of you …mother is dedicating her life.

Everything in this world has an end , even world itself has its end . But the one thing that doesn’t end is her love …..THE INFINITE LOVE.

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