In LUCY the Hollywood film released in 2014, there is a description about the human cerebral capacity. It describes that the humans use only 10% of their cerebral capacity ……with that what all have we done…?

The first invention by human lies in the millions and billion years ago, were the man invented his habitat from the Mother Nature.

Later on he started to discover out from his cave…,then the tools, cloths, and all came up to his head. The milestone of mans invention starts from fire, the first intelligence that man made. Well it even plays a key role even nowadays too. The second thing that came into being is the development of languages, so as to make the communication easier.

The man rather learned to control the natural energies, light (electric bulb), wind (electric fan), and climate (air-conditioner and room heaters) and so on, followed by the invention of the electric energy.

In the later inventions, man inspired by the properties of his own body.

The search of storing memories and working according to the command like what the human brain does, lead him to the invention of computer. The stimulations such as eyes to see, ear to hear, mouth to speak and taste, skin to recognise the touch, heat and cold,…and the nose to recognise smell has taken practical for further technologies.

The invention of camera represented the ability of eye to capture images and store in memory. The tape- record and microphone represented the ear ,as to record the voices. The mouth to speak and exhale voices is represented by the speakers . …,

Later stimulation of touch has been taken practical by the screen touch technologies .

In the latest records the researches for the technologies to recognise smell had succeeded

Combining all these features of humans, man came up with the artificial human called robots.

When man explored his environment and started to travel abroad the search for easy way for transportation came up with an idea of wheels…..,and thus evolved different kinds of transportation.

But the curiosity had never let him to satisfy. The tendency to know what’s outside the earth, lead him to introduce the satellite technology. Moreover he travelled outside the earth after the invention of space rockets.

See the humans influence in the universe,… there is no doubt that man can control the universe itself in the future…….,

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