An artist mostly choose the white canvas, so that he can make the desirable forms of art in it. Even where I’m writing is on the white .White indicates the simplicity which brings the peace.

The artist makes a white canvas beautiful by adding different colours in it .But instead of colourful harmonious picture, just imagine about that canvas completely filled of black. Definitely it will be a negativeness.

Imagine the white canvas as a peaceful world of simplicity, and we people are the artists who paints on it. Many artist have their own styles of art. Some artists choose colourful forms and some with mono theme. The others who comes up with black and white combination. Even though it contains black negativeness, it is linked up with the peaceful white to balance it.

We people are exactly these artists, we all have different opinions to the world. It is when black the colour of envy, violence, and supremacy covers all over, that the world lost its peace.

Many personalities in our hearts like Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, Swami Vivekananda, and Mahatma Gandhi are those who spread the beautiful colours over peace. They are the real artists who gave a real art of harmony to the world without a single dot of black.

Individually as we wish more, the colours turns black, when it fails to get the desirable colours in art. Slowly black fills up and make the artist blind to see the beautiful part of the world.  Then only we realise that it was a peaceful life without all those wishes. The less we wish, the more peace remains………………

Let’s take a short flashback to the origin of the human beings. They lived like animals with no worries. They have the peaceful life with his shelter and food necessary. These artists created a simple form of art. But later on, he wished it to be more colourful. And these colours turned to be black, when he failed to get what he wanted.

This is the same way where how the war destroyed peace. The birth of war lies in the period of formation of countries, states and districts. There the colour of ego, prestige and corruption dominated the colours on the white the colour of peace.

Peace in proper definition is period of harmony between different social groups that is characterized by lack of violence, conflict behavior and freedom from violence.

Sri Chinmoy once said that “World peace can be achieved when in each person, the power of love replaces the love of power”.

Thus stop responding to provocation to love achieving the power and start to love each other to enrich the power of love, and spread the peace all over the world.

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