Welcome to 2015…. !  . But before telling goodbye to 2014 , there is a lot about to thank the year. There were many developments happened around the world. Considering my hometown Kochi , the progress of metro rail project is considerably notable in this year. Just like that popularly or unknowingly many of them are progressing. what we do is appreciate them and jump up for further dreams and hopes.

It is moreover personally too,…….Taking my case for example , the coming May I’m gonna be 20 . That is the teenage thing is coming to an end.When my birthday comes as usual everyone wishes me and ask my age. It wasn’t a big deal for me . But it is when I thought about that. Each and every year is coming to me as the milestones. when this thought entered my head, I’ve analysed my past as the way of how I used to think then and now. My attitude , appearance ,….everything is not constant.

As we all know the past is not a good place to stay. But it is ….to visit memories .

Just look back the way how you traveled,……It’s like a magic . The quote “Past is a history, Future is a mystery and Today is the gift of god” is relevant.

So what we should do is to use the gift of god, good enough to make histories as much to visit the memories, and the future as much to dream. Memories and dreams …,the two things that make us awake.


dear past ,………Thank you

welcome 2015 with new dreams and hopes.

May this new year brings you success, happiness and peace………………………………….


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